We welcome the investigations says Safaricom CEO

Telecommunication giants and Internet Service Provider Safaricom has welcomed the NASA call to be audited following claims that there was collusion to rig between the company and IEBC.

The ISP said that the claims by National Super Alliance are not true. The leading telecommunication service provider Safaricom had been accused by Nasa leader Raila Odinga of working with a French digital security firm to alter the August 8 election outcome in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Contrary to National Super Alliance’s statement, Safaricom said results from KIEMS kits in its assigned zones were sent and are available on the electoral commission’s web portal.

On Tuesday, National Super Alliance presidential candidate, Raila, instructed opposition lawyers to institute private prosecutions against six Safaricom official he claimed conspired to subvert the August 8 presidential election.

Addressing journalists at his Capitol Hill office, Raila alleged that Safaricom conspired with the electoral commission to relay inaccurate presidential results and deny him a win.

Safaricom, however, dismissed the accusations as “reckless, callous and unnecessary” and warned that the allegations could endanger the lives of its members of staff and families.

Chief executive Bob Collymore, in a statement, said they were ready to be investigated by any agency on the role they played in the elections.

Mr. Odinga’s accusations came on a dramatic day when police battled Nasa leaders and supporters in the streets of Nairobi and Kisumu.

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