Wendy Waeni’s mother comes out fighting

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By Lucy Wanjiru

Wendy Waeni’s mother (Ms Syombua) finally spoke up on the issue between her daughter and her ex manager Joe Mwangi. Joe had accused of wasting all her money on alcohol.

Ms Syombua denied the claims and declared that she had never tasted alcohol before and would never because she is ‘a staunch Christian’. She further went on and called Joe a scam and a fraud. She then said that it was best fit that he no longer managed her daughter.

She also accused him of giving her little amount of money compared to what he would receive from politicians and other media personalities in order to promote Wendy.

She categorically stated that she had noticed peculiar behaviours from Joe that led her not to allow him to fly outside country with Wendy.

“Joe confiscated my daughter’s phone on claims that she was visiting unauthorized sites; he declined to return the phone to me until recently after the interview on Jeff Koinange Live. I felt offended considering I was the one who had bought the mobile phone,” she said.

Wendy Waeni is a child gymnast who has travelled to several countries to perform.