What will Hillary’s Husband be called if she wins US president?

Hillary Clinton, the only lady in the race won the nominations although his counterpart, Bernie Sanders promised to keep the fight on. Currently, Clinton has 2497 delegates with sanders only having 1663.

This means they highly coveted seat that is occupied by the person who turns out to be the most powerful man in the whole world may go to woman if at all the Americans say “yes she can” since the bull-fight race for presidency remains between Hillary and Trump.

But breaking the record as the first woman to become United States of America and assuming the special tittle “The President of United States of America”, Her excellence and all associated names would not only be the fun, but also on his husband title.

When a man becomes the president, the wife to the man becomes the First Lady. This now becomes a special case, a woman becoming the president hence the dilemma on the name that would suit Bill Clinton, the form US president.

It is not only tricky but also amusing to think about what Bill Clinton may be called if his wife wins the presidency in November, USA Today reported.

The Internet has made jokes on jokes.  In November Hillary joked maybe “First dude, first mate, first gentleman — I’m just not sure about it,” Hillary Clinton said during a late-night show in US hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

By looking at female leaders around the globe is no help. For instance the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s husband, Joachim Sauer, is most commonly known as professor.

The first female president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, is not married. Neither is Taiwan’s first female president, Tsai Ing-wen. Norway’s Prime Minster Erna Solberg is married to Sindre Finnes, but he’s often simply referred to as her husband or spouse.

And as many people predict, there will be a lot of funny things that will be written, but in formal usage ‘former President Clinton’ or ‘Mrs. Clinton’s husband maybe a better version.

What maybe be eating the minds of many professor’s, Citizens and White House team could be “and what of when we are referring them in the same sentence?” Ours is to sit and watch and hope Hillary wins so we can know what they will call her husband.



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