Witchcraft…or is it? Maua’s fast rise to fame questioned

By Justus Ndambiri

It is clear that to make it in the gruesomely competitive music industry, one need not only be talented but put in a lot of work as well. It is easier to climb up the mountain than it is to stay on top of it, wisdom instructs. The newest Tanzanian singer, Maua Sama undoubtedly understands this and that is why her song “Iokote” is doing very well in showbiz. However, some are accusing her of having used witchcraft to climb the ladder so fast in such a short time.

When confronted, she grounded her success on the fact that it was God’s blessings that have made her thrive as she has. She spoke to “Showbiz Xtra” on Wednesday, Oct 30. She also added that a higher power was on her side and definitely not witchcraft.

I always ask myself whether this “God” is the same one that condemns immoral acts and has a whole chamber of fire, hell, dedicated to punishing the culprits in…for all eternity. Anyway, let me leave you with that.