Yola: I Have Never Dated Moustapha

Yola an actress on Nairobi Diaries has refuted the claims that she has ever dated Moustapha.

Dismissing him as a non-starter, Prezzo’s ex-girlfriend distanced herself from fellow Nairobi Diaries actor and singer Moustapha calling him a liar.

The model said Moustapha claimed that he was dating her raising the tension between her and CMB Prezzo before the two broke up.

“He tried to make a story out of me based on his beef with my ex-fiancé and I didnt find that cool because there was a time we were hanging out on a set and he took a picture that he ran on the blogs claiming we were dating,” Yola said.

“All this only happened on set. He said he had a thing with me and started a beef with Prezzo. There is nothing going on between us because he is not my type and he will never be,” she insisted.

The singer has been on record saying he is interested in Yola.

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