About KUTV

Kenyatta University Television (KUTV) is a National Television Station in Kenya owned by Kenyatta University. The Channel is operated by the Kenyatta University Media Group, which also operates a radio station – KUFM 99.9 and a mobile application – LOLA.  The 24-hour channel broadcasts in English and Swahili.

The TV station was established in 2015 with the key objective of acting as a training ground for  students studying Theater Arts, Film Technology and Media Studies at Kenyatta University. The channel has gone ahead to nurture, develop and showcase talents globally.

KUTV is a family oriented station with cross-generational programming content. Education serves as the main thematic area.  KUTV is the only channel in Kenya that has managed to link Academia with Industry aptly demonstrated by regular coverage of conferences and seminars that are geared towards research and innovation. As a nationally available TV channel, we play an important role in advocating the public interest agenda; our viewers receive timely information on societal issues that affect their day-to-day lives. The station is equipped with state of the art production and broadcasting equipment, which has enabled us to deliver quality programming and provided us with the capacity of covering news and lives events from across the country.

KUTV takes pride in the production of shows such as Rise Today, Top in Africa, Budding Entrepreneur, Rhumba Africa, The Vybe, Focus on Health, Earth Check and Beyond Limits. As a media house, we have diversified our content delivery platforms to ensure our programmes reach viewers at their most convenience. For this, we have invested highly in the digital sphere, and our content can easily be accessed on social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), the KUTV website and in our mobile application – LOLA.

Because of the diversity, plurality and quality of our programming, KUTV received several awards, among them the 2019 KUZA Compliance Award FTA (Commercial/Public TV Category), 2018 KUZA Local Content Prime Time Award and the 2017 Digital TV Xtreem Award.

We are also proud to have established and maintained productive relationships with global media houses. These include the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Voice of America (VOA) and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). These organizations have partnered with the station as content providers, while training our staff in the areas of production, reporting and media sales.

As the only TV channel affiliated with a higher learning institution, KUTV will continue to focus on delivering transformative programmes to audiences nationally and beyond. Our shows promise to sharpen your intellect, making things memorable the whole week long. KUTV is a game changer on what information is passed on to viewers, how it is passed, and how it positively impacts on the lives of these very viewers.