Chaos in Kisumu West MCA gets Kidnapped

Paul Odhiambo Okwiri , a Kisumu politician whose disappearance resulted in violent demonstrations has given a horrifying narration of his abduction.

Kisumu West Member of County Assembly (MCA), Paul Odhiambo Okwiri was on Friday evening found walking barefoot along the streets of Rongo town in Migori County.

This was a day after he had been reported missing with angry residents holding massive demonstrations in protest of the disappearance that was seen as politically motivated.

According to Okwiri, the abductors wanted an assurance that he would not be vying in the 2017 General Election.

“I just told them I am done with politics. I told them that my family is not happy with my work as an MCA and had advised me against defending my seat,” Okwiri narrated.

The Kisumu West lawmaker expressed that the abductors were happy to hear that he had decided to end his political career and that he would not contest in upcoming 2017 elections.

The ward representative claimed the abductors became easy, thanked him for making ‘a wise political decision’ and warned him against seeking political office again.

Okwiri added that most of the questions he was asked related to his political life and his criticism of the County Government.

However, after the assurance that he would not contest in 2017 elections, Okwiri noted that the abductors became friendly and started engaging the representative with sports betting stories.

The Ward-Representative claimed to have overheard conversations between the abductors and a third party who appeared to have been issuing them with instructions.

They later blindfolded him and drove off from the house they had been holding him.After a long journey, the criminals dropped him off at a location where he was able to trace his location to a police station in Rongo.

The Friday demonstrations took a violent turn after residents stormed the home of a Kisumu County official whom they accused of instigating the abduction.