65 year old Archbishop proposes that tithe should be deducted from monthly salaries.

By Kevin Wagura 

Kampala Catholic Archbishop has given his thought seeking that tithe should be deducted directly from salaries. Speaking at Saint Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga, Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, who is 65 years old, wants the Ugandan government to introduce church tax and deduct 10%from workers monthly salaries and forwarded to church.

He cited that many Christians fail to tithe and this causes delays in church development and projects. He continued to state that many Christians only give what they have at the moment contrary to what the Holy Bible talks; about the ten per cent deduction of one’s monthly earning.

Through the twitter channel, many Ugandans are opposed to the idea of tithe being deducted by the government. It remains unpredictable as to whether Catholic believers will support the proposal by the Archbishop.