A one-day old baby strangled to death by the mother

Regina Shayo from Tanzania has been arraigned in court to face an infanticide charge for allegedly strangling her one-day old baby.

The 27-year old woman was accused of willfully killing the baby on 15th April within Eastleigh area. In another count, Shayo is accused of being in the country illegally.

Police said the accused was working as a house help when she became pregnant. Allegedly, her employer advised her to take a break and come back after delivery, but she declined.On the maternal day, the accused reportedly went into labour and locked herself in the bathroom of her fourth-floor apartment from 10am to around noon, during which time she gave birth.

According to the prosecution, Shayo strangled the baby before wrapping it in a polythene bag. She then allegedly disposed the body in a nearby garbage bin.Curious neighbours and the employer who knew about her pregnancy noticed her missing baby bump, and upon enquiry and searches, came across the body of the baby believed to be that of Shayo.

Attempts to save the baby at Pumwani Maternity Hospital were futile. Police were alerted about the matter and arrested the accused.

Shayo however denied the charges. The court has instructed that her mental health be tested first before her trial. The case will resume on 19th May.

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