Ahadi Kenya Trust opening up charitable shops across the country

Ahadi Kenya has beat the odds by stepping up to open charitable shops across the country aimed at serving the needy with basic necessities for the needy. The project will mainly focus on one shop in every county, summing up to 47 charitable shops countrywide, where the needy will be receiving food, clothing and other necessities at no cost.

Stanley Kamau, the CEO of Ahadi Kenya Trust, states that the project will serve as an obligation to every Kenyan to support the less fortunate in the country that will see their patriotic side of them by donating basic necessity to the shops.

Speaking at a fundraising event at Kongoini Primary School in Kiharu Constituency for Tumaini’s Children’s Home, he noted the communities that will be donating the stuffs will serve as sponsors and its main aim is gearing towards spreading and having more similar shops in the village and towns.

Those who are said to be needy and poor will also be vetted by the provincial administration and the community.