“Businessman” Paul Kobia released

By Mercy Imali

Businessman Paul Kobia has been released on a Ksh2 million cash bail. He was arrested for conspiracy to defraud Ksh14 million from Antonio Cianci, the Director Iron and Steel DMCC in Dubai.

Kobia allegedly used fraudulent tricks to display metal boxes purportedly parked with genuine gold bars. He conspired with 13 other people to obtain the money from Antonio Cianci.  Kobia through Duaf International Limited and Malca Amit Limited falsely pretended to carry out a genuine gold business on different days between 13th April and 25th April.

Kobia was arrested last month at his residence in Mzima Springs on Riverside Road. Other counts included forging of stamps belonging to KRA, CBK, the national treasury and others. Kobia claims his arrest is nothing but political especially since he declared his candidature for the presidency in 2022.