The catholic church in Kisii has urged the government to find  a cure as opposed to a vaccine against covid19.

Speaking at Kisii cathedral during the Annual Diocesan Funds Drive,bishop Joseph Maurura urged the followers to  be careful and wait  if asked to participate in the vaccine’s  tests.

Mairura challenged the government to convince the faithful on the vaccine’s efficacy and safety before administering it to contain the raging corona virus.

The bishop claimed efforts by the government to curb spread of the covid19 pandemic through the inoculation would be futile since the virus had  proved to mutate.

This will prompt the government to  manufacture several vaccines to match with the virus’  mutation pace, a move that will be uneconomical, he added.

According to Mairura, people should use what was   available to curb spread of the disease including adhering to Health Ministry protocols.

The  catholic church had  the past rubbed shoulders with the authorities on the wrong side  over matters, health policy, by being  skeptical about the national immunization exercises against polio.