China, Yemen, Ethiopia and Indonesia ground Boeing 737 planes

Four countries have grounded flights for Boeing 737 max 8 planes. China, Indonesia, Yemen and Ethiopia suspended the flights after security concerns on the suitability and the safety of using this us made plane following a deadly plane crash in Ethiopia on Sunday that resulted in 157 deaths among them 32 Kenyans.

As the world mourns the death of 157 people who lost their lives following a plane crash in Bishoftu, in Ethiopia, four countries have grounded Boeing 737 max 8 plane models. According to aviation authorities from the four states, the United States made planes may be unsuitable for passenger use and the grounding might help in averting more problems.

Yemen, Indonesia, Ethiopia and China which has 97 Boeing 737 max 8 planes has grounded the plane model and written to the Boeing manufacturing company in Washington to ascertain whether the plane model is safe bearing in mind the tragic plane accidents the plane models have been involved in the last five months…

In response the association of pilots from the southwest airlines have stated that the Boeing 737 max 8 is a new and complex model that uses high technology therefore pilots need to be trained thoroughly before handling the model

Officials from the US aviation authority and Boeing manufacturing company have already departed to Ethiopia to aid in the investigation about the Ethiopian plane crash. Kenya on the other hand is making planes to ferry berried families to Ethiopia to help in the identification of bodies of their relatives who lost their lives in the crash. 32 Kenyans were among the 157 passengers who lost died in the Bishoftu plane crash on Sunday.