Confessions Monday: Bramwell Pamba Faints And Is Taken To The Hospital


My name is Bramwell Pamba. A University student currently on teaching practice at Shikoti Girls. This is my story.

The weather is hot. I wish the eyes of the head teacher could just spare me for today. The watchman from the gate is unleashing a stupid smile, perhaps saying in his heart. “see his life”.

I will never forgive this day, this people looking at me and the big trees pretending to be unaware yet they cannot hide a mere secret. Earth please, where did the rain start? Oooh am just about to faint. It is coming, ooh am fainting! Someone hold me, I am fainting!

Head teacher: Millicent!

Jesus Christ! Millicent is on the ground. Sweat making way through her skin. Her heart pounds harder, and her skirt unable to obey the law of decency. The weapons fashioned against her legs have taken course.

Mr Wechuli! See where you looking at! God will punish you!

Head teacher: (in a bang) break into class!

With the help of a few students, madam Jane and Mr Wechuli we take Millicent behind the school administration block for first aid. My hands are shaking. I even cannot notice the sweat from my nose, Millicent is going to die. Students peeping from their classes. Everyone puzzled.

My shirt is out of my trousers, My tie wondering why it had to accompany me on such a day when already my life is on a tie. The girls are wiping Millicent, madam Jane just ran for a first aid kit. Mr Wechuli received a call, probably from his wife because the first words I heard were “wewe si tumekua na wewe asubuhi, mbona hukuniambia” Ooh poor me.

The head teacher probably calling the nurse. What! Millicent! Am done! From the look of things, the salsa dancers in my stomach are working on a new move. Earth! Earth! Ooh Millicent has started breathing, she peeps, gazes me from a far and some words start rehearsing!

Millicent: Baby

Ooooh! Eeeeeh! Wewe Eeeeeh! Baby?? Millicent your thunder is coming. My name is Bramwell Pamba or you can call me Mr Bramwell! Eeeeeh you have already messed me up. Don’t just start! Anyway

Me: Wewe Millicent! Get up!

Millicent: (In a low tone) Are you shouting at me?

Oooh this is the same voice that confused me in my lion. The same one that makes me part with some dollars for her hair. The same voice that takes me to another planet.

Somewhere past Neptune, just close to Pluto. Jesus Christ! You are free to come back as a thief, come and steal this shame away from me! Am here with Millicent together with the two students. She is now picking up.

Madam Jane is not yet back. Mr Wechuli, looks like the wife is right on top of his head! Head teacher still worked up!

Me: Millicent!

Millicent: yes

Me: this is a school for heaven Sake! This is a school! Wacha upuzi. Nkt

Millicent: sorry teacher

Me: yes am your teacher. Sahau hizo vitu zingine, wacha mchezo!

Oooh Millicent’s eyes have a way of cheating you. Now see, the same same beautiful eyes. Ooooh her eyes are teary. Mmmh, but I love her just small! now look at the whole world, ready to crucify me!

Millicent: promise me something

Me: Yes Milly, what?

Millicent: Do you love me?

Me: From the bottom of my heart. I do. I love you. We shall talk when you come to my house! This is a school!

Millicent: (looking afraid, surprised)

The two girls look at each other. What is the problem? Ain’t getting it!

(behind my back!)

Head teacher: Mr Bramwell!!!

I woke up in a hospital bed hours later. Feeling weak and tired! The head teacher, deputy head teacher, Mr Wechuli, Madam Jane are all here! I could see my father and Mother, together with my uncle, Pius! I turn my head, in own pain.

Jesus! That is Millicent on the other Bed!

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Created By Stylle Mundalo