Conservatives demonstrate against SGR going through NNP

Conservationists on Friday requested Kenya Wildlife Service to not allow construction of the railway through Nairobi National Park.

The group of more than 50 held a peaceful protest along Lang’ata road against the construction of the SGR through the  Park.

They carried placards written: “Don’t rape the park”, “Stop the SGR through the park, save our heritage”, “we have the Sh2billion to save the park”.

“The government of Kenya fully realizing the value of its natural resources pledges itself to conserve them for prosperity with all the means at his disposal,” read their banner.

On Thursday, Kenya Railways released a map on the SGR master plan and the progress Kenya has made in construction. The map shows the routes the railway will take and its alignment through Nairobi National Park.

Managing director Atanas Maina also outlined measures taken to mitigate the impact on animals and the environment.

These include bridge pillar foundations, abutments, noise deflectors and a fence enclosing the construction area.

The conservationists want the SGR to follow another route and not through Nairobi National Park.