Consolata School kid on the spot for threatening Nikita

A pupil from Consolata School finds himself on the wrong side of online public opinion after a video he made threatening and bullying his school mate called Nikita made several rounds on social media.

The boy was “pissed off” after Nikita allegedly called him gay but what brings him crossroads with many is the foul language used and the threats.

While many were ready to put up with such a foul language coming from a minor saying ‘He is just a kid’ others feel parents have failed in their parental duty.

On his part, Nikita’s father urged parents to donate time to speak into their children’s life.



Kiss 100’s Andrew Kibe feels the kid should not be condemned but rather be praised. In a tweet, Xtian Dela quotes Kibe saying:

That kid has done nothing wrong insulting Nikita!…He should be praised! We should even give him a video camera and let him continue talking! This kid is just talking how we talk. Let’s stop being hypocrites!!”

Have parents failed in their parental duty?