County government officially hands over collapsed building site

Kilifi County Government has officially handed over the site of the collapsed Malindi building which led caused death of one person and injured 26 people to the police.

The site has been under control of the county government since the disaster happened and during the entire period when Kenya defense Forces Disaster Response Unit arrived to remove the rubbles.

However on Tuesday after the Military completed their mission and left, Kilifi County government handed over the site to the security agents to continue with investigations after several arrests were made.

All roads passing through the scene that have been closed for a week have now been opened and normal activities resumed along the area which has been sealed by iron sheets.

Among those who were arrested is the site engineer of the tragic eight storey building Daniel Weshukhula Mukhonga .

The engineer was arrested on Friday after he confirmed to the authorities that he was the site engineer.

Another one who is was arrested and later release on bond is Shabbirali Fakhruddin a son of the late Shabir Kasamale who died during the disaster.

A brief ceremony was held at the site attended by stakeholders who took part in the rescue operations among them volunteers, Kenya Red Cross society, the National police service, business community who expressed their satisfaction in the manner in which all parties cooperated to save the lives of the people who were trapped.

Kilifi deputy Governor Gideon Saburi who presided over the ceremony said the county government would accord all necessary cooperation required by detectives probing the collapsed building.

Saburi said the county would not keep any secrets regarding any officials who were involved in the approval of the construction of the building.

The Deputy Governor also said they would honor all volunteers who took part in the rescue operation so as to motivate them.

“The investigating units will continue with their investigations, the county will give all the information required from officers of the county, there will be no secrets,’’ he said.