The Murang’a county government has launched a five-year strategic plan to boost uptake of family planning among local residents.

Currently, contraceptive prevalence in the county stands at 48 percent, with just a handful of people at reproductive age visiting health facilities to access medical advice about use of various family planning. methods

In the strategic plan dubbed Murang’a County Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan (FP-CIP) 2012-2025, the devolved administration through the department of health targets to attain 72 percent of contraceptive prevalence after a period of five years.

The county executive member for health Mr. Joseph Mbai speaking during the launch of the Plan in Kenol town observed that family planning is an important pillar of safe motherhood to improve maternal health with a target of reducing maternal mortality ratio.

In the plan, Mbai noted the devolved administration targets to conduct community advocacy, mobilization and education to the residents about family planning.

The CEC observed that it’s a worrying trend to see teenage girls fear getting pregnant more than contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

He said during the advocacy, young people need to be engaged in education on sexuality so as to help them from interfering with their reproductive health through use of family planning methods without medical advice.

He urged parents, the clergy among other community leaders to get committed in educating youth on sexual education.

The government, he said has set aside money to support educating the residents about family planning, saying the trend of buying contraceptive pills over the counter is dangerous to the users.

During the forum it emerged that about 40 percent of the women who attend prenatal and postnatal clinics are conversant with family planning.

The county director of health services, Dr. Winfred Kanyi observed that matters of family planning are wrongly perceived by sections of the public.

She stated that family is not only meant to curtail the number of children but also advocates and helps in spacing of children.

She called upon mothers to visit medical facilities and get proper advice about planning cautioning that use of contraceptives without undoing some tests, may prompt health complications in future.

The County Deputy governor Maina Kamau family planning is very crucial in the development of the society.

He said people need to adhere to given education on how properly they can manage their families.