Covered criminal stabs lactating mother in fight to steal baby.

Fear is rife at Wataalam village in Ruiru, Kiambu County after a lactating woman was stabbed by a yet to be established man on the dawn of Wednesday.

Grace Gitonga, a mother of one, was stabbed by an unknown criminal at 3:00am after she refused to surrender her suckling baby to him.

According to her, the criminal accessed their single-roomed house using a master key when they were dead asleep before he prompted a confrontation.

In what implies that the masked criminal was only after the baby, he only removed a knife and stabbed Gitonga at the neck after she adamantly fought to secure her baby.

All this time, Gitonga’s husband (Collins Otieno) was dead asleep next to the quarrelsome scene and only woke up after the wife started screaming.

On waking up, Otieno who initially thought the wife was dreaming realized that she was profusely bleeding and that is when she saw a man leaving the house.

As his wife was treated and discharged from Ruiru District Hospital, Otieno said that efforts to pursue the criminal were unproductive as he managed to run away unhurt.

Residents at the sprawling village took issue with police in the sub-county for failing to contain growing insecurity that they said has resulted in the deaths of two women in the last two weeks.

Last week, the furious locals said, a woman was stabbed to death as she was approaching Ruiru market while another body was collected outside a church gate.

They decried that instead of fighting criminals and high uptake of outlawed substances, police in the constituency have been ruthlessly arresting curfew lawbreakers.

Led by Mary Wangui whose compound was also raided by four armed men on Wednesday morning, the irked locals said that despite being a few meters from Wataalam police post, police have been doing less to secure them and their property.

The residents demanded swift action by sleuths or an overhaul in the sub-county security details saying they were living in fear of losing their lives in the hands of the unknown clique of criminals that were said to be mostly targeting women.

Further, the desperate locals called for installation of security lights in the entire village to beef up the security situation of the area.

Top security organs from the constituency said they were on top of the matter and had commenced searching for the man who stabbed the lactating woman.