CS Wakhungu appeals for ozone layer protection

The Cabinet Secretary for Environment Prof Judi Wakhungu has appealed to Kenyans to actively participate in the preservation of the Ozone layer in an effort to forestall the dangers associated to its destruction.

Prof Wakhungu warned that depletion of the Ozone layer had harmful effects to humans and called for collective efforts in its protection to safe  and  secure lives.

According to Wakhungu, skin cancer, eye cataracts, reduced plant and animal productivity, poor air quality, damage to plastics and negative impact on the climate were among the dangerous effects of destruction of the Ozone layer.

The CS made the remarks in a speech read on her behalf by the Principal Secretary for Environment Mr Charles Sunkuli during the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer held at Kihoto grounds, Naivasha recently.