Dadaab camp closure extended by six months

The closure of Dadaab refugee camp has been extended by six (6) months have the deadline nears expiry. The government had issued a notice to close the Dadaab Camp Complex by the end of November.

Following the shortage in time, UNHCR commission for refugees Mr. Filipo Grandi sent ambassador Mohamed Affey requesting the government to extend the deadline for its closure.

Speaking today, Interior CS Joseph Nkeisserry announced that the government accepted the request and extended the deadline for the closure by 6 more months.

“Today, I wish to announce that the Government has accepted the request to extend the deadline for the completion of repatriation of Somali refugees and eventual closure of the Dadaab Refugee Complex by six months,” read the statement.

The government added that the ongoing repatriation will continue un-interrupted.  Nkeisserry added that the government is working closely with UNHCR and the Federal Republic of Somalia government to undertake the repatriation.


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