DCI rescues a university student kidnapped by her friend

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have rescued a female Egerton University student who went missing for five days.

In a thread of tweets posted by the DCI on Twitter, the student, whose name is Daisy, was abducted by
three men in black in Kabarak, Nakuru County, on January 26, 2023, after which she was taken to an
unknown location.

“A female university student who was kidnapped on January 26, 2023 was last night rescued by detectives after being held hostage for five days. Daisy Chebet Barno, a fourth year student at Egerton University was kidnapped by three men in Kabarak Nakuru County and taken to an unknown destination, leaving her family in anguish,” read the tweet.

According to the DCI, the kidnapping was masterminded by her friend and coursemate, Faith Mwende
who conspired with her boyfriend Simon Akuteka and other thugs to kidnap Daisy and demand a
ransom of Sh 600,000.

“The trio informed Daisy that she had been kidnapped and demanded for a ransom of Sh600,000 from Daisy’s family. They drove to Ruiru at around OJ restaurant where they took a 2 bedroomed airbnb and locked Daisy in one of the bedrooms,” said the DCI

Sleuths from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau went after the thugs, who at first defied orders
to surrender and engaged in a fist fight but were later arrested and put in police custody.

The suspects arrested are Simon Akuteka, John Mbau, Elijah Chege, and Faith Mwende. The four will be
detained to allow the police to complete their investigations.

Ruth Wanjiru

KU TV news reporter