Deadpool named the most pirated movie

On movie above all others has been pinched the most this year, and given the dubious honor.

The comic book smash hit ‘Deadpool’ was named as the most copied.

According to data from Torrentfreak, which provides an annual list of the most-stolen movies, Ryan Reynolds’ comeback topped the list.

Several sources were taken into consideration, including download stats from public bit torrent trackers.

The site reports that pirated copies of the movie, made by 20th Century Fox, began appearing in February, very shortly after its theatrical release, with ‘thousands’ of people still sharing the movie today on torrenting sites.

Full list of top pirated movies


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Captain America: Civil War

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

X-Men: Apocalypse


Independence Day: Resurgence

Suicide Squad

Finding Dory

The Revenant

Interestingly enough, the top three most pirated movies, which had Captain America: Civil War at the number three spot, were all in order of their respective theatrical release date.

That pattern broke at number four, which saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens creeping in. Again, the impact of piracy on the profitability of that movie seemed to be minimal, since it went on to become the third-highest-grossing movie of all time with more than $2 billion worldwide.

The only movie on the list that sort of broke the pattern of being a hit at the box office was Independence Day: Resurgence, which came in at number 7. That movie disappointed in nearly every way, bringing in only $387 million worldwide and becoming one of the worst reviewed movies of the summer.

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