East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) has launched Gilbey’s Mixed Berries, a new variant under Gilbey’s Gin Trademark, into the Kenyan market, primarily targeting the young, upwardly mobile and fun-loving consumers. Gilbey’s Mixed Berries has a mixture of red and pink that signifies its quality and aesthetic appeal.

The launch of the new brand in the market is as a result of steady growth of the gin category in Kenya over the recent years, the introduction of the new variant is in line with EABL business strategy to dominate the gin market across mainstream, premium and reserve categories.

Speaking during the launch of the brand in Mombasa market, Victoria Mbugua who is EABL innovation Brand Manager said, the gain has been gaining a momentum of popularity in the market.

The launch of the product also provided a platform of training the distributors on how to propel the sale of the new brand in the market.

The EABL innovation Brand Manager said its business aim is to remain consumer-centric, to remain close to the consumer and understand how the consumer is adapting its newly introduced liquor brand.

Ms Mbugua said the new Gilbeys drink has a sweet flavor and is exciting to drink and its consumers are at the age gap of 18 to 30 years.

The introduction of the new Gilbeys brand in the market during Covid-19 pandemic has triggered seismic shifts in shopping behavior, challenging EABL among other brewers companies to create a new opportunity in everything from brand launches and marketing campaigns to routes to market and revenue growth management strategies.

Speaking during the launch at reef Hotel in Mombasa, the innovation manager lauded the distributors for playing a critical role in the marketing of the EABL products in Mombasa.

Ms. Mbugua said Gilbey’s mixed berries gin is being bottled in the denominations of 250ml, 350ml and 750ml bottles respectively to make it the most affordable gin in the market among its peers with a price point of Ksh 1250/-, 630/- and 430.

The innovation manager said the Gilbey’s Mixed Berries will be listed in all major distributor outlets in the country and will be available in selected on-trade and off-trade channels with the aim reaching all consumers of the brand.