Is it fair for a boyfriend to play a husband role to a girlfriend?

It’s unfair and uncalled for a boyfriend to play a husband role to a girlfriend. There’s no reward except a terrible heartbreak that comes with being used and dumped. It’s therefore imperative that boyfriends slow down and refrain from taking the husband card.

Educating a girlfriend is a faux pas that boyfriends make. Who cursed you poor men? Didn’t you all listen to Stella wangu? A poor man sold his land and livestock to take Stella to China. Stella comes back with a Chinese baby. The best you can do is wait for her to complete her studies. You can pay dowry with the money you intended to waste on paying for her education. That way,”heshima itadumu na hamtazoeana

Paying a girlfriend’s rent is too much if you ask me. It’s an equivalent of being Santa yet it’s not Christmas. Most women are not the sweet, loving and faithful women they make you believe they are. The house will be yours (literally) but her heart won’t be yours. Cunny women will meet other men in the house or outside. It all depends with whether you are a heart or a flower in a pack of her lovers.

Another husband sport that boyfriends like to play is making girlfriends do things for them. Top on the list is being washed for clothes, being cooked for and general cleaning in your dusty houses. Its old school and making a poor woman believe you are her husband. Wash your damn clothes, engage mama nguo or wear them dirty. Leave your girlfriend out of it.

As a boyfriend, stop possessing your girlfriend excessively. Leave that for insecure and jealous husbands. Stop popping at her place unannounced like breaking news on our television screens. Relax, she’s just your girlfriend. She’s not a doctor performing open heart surgery on you.

Don’t force yourself on her family members. Avoid dishing petty cash on all her relatives. Don’t even call her siblings “shemeji” till you put a ring on it. Stop confusing the poor girl by calling her wife. That lie that her family and yours are one should stop. They only become one after you have married that amazing woman in a white and pink themed wedding.

When men play boyfriend role, they will be saved from disappointment. Men will stop saying nasty things about women. We shall all be saved from being called gold diggers, cunning and calculative. Young men will also not be mal-adjusted in marriage. They won’t walk into marriages with terrible after-shocks of a nasty heartbreak.