Farmers demand prosecution of suspects and recovery money

Farmers of Thiriku Coffee Growers Co-operative Society in Nyeri County have demanded the government to fast track prosecution of suspects accused of swindling them of Sh 1.6 million.

Led by the society management committee chairman Cyrus Karoki Waiganjo, the farmers expressed fear that operations of the society would stall if the looted cash is not recovered.

In a meeting held yesterday at the society’s grounds in Tetu sub-county, the farmers said the money was allegedly stolen by former Treasurer and secretary.

“When we drew cheques, the two would alter the figure and increase the amount between here (Society) and a local bank in Nyeri town,” Waiganjo claimed.

The chairman also accused the bank of being an accomplice in the fraud adding that cashiers were trained employees who could easily detect the fraud.

“I suspect the cashiers were also an accessory because an altered cheque is easily detectable,” he said.

The farmers added that the alleged offense was committed on the 2016/17 crop season and one year down the line, the suspects are still roaming free.

“An audit conducted by the society’s auditors Mariara Kigotho revealed that the money was actually misappropriated and reports forwarded to the relevant government agencies and the office of the Nyeri Governor Mutahi kahiga for action.

They claimed the suspects were only suspended but no legal action has ever been taken on them adding “justice delayed is justice denied”.

farmer Njeri Karuga alleged that in a meeting held at the factory sometime back, the two suspects admitted having fleeced the society of Sh 1.6 million and pledged to refund but have not lived to the promise.

They appealed to the Office of Public Prosecution to ensure the suspects were arraigned in court and made to pay for the lost money.

The Chairman said police had investigated the fraud and had overwhelming evidence but were sleeping on the job.