What would you do on finding Ksh 1000 note tucked under your car wipers?

You know the old saying “If something seems too good to be true…it is?”

Well, that’s certainly the case if you come across cash on your windshield.

In fact, you might find your luck going from good to bad instantly if you fall for this scam.

Take a look at the signs so you’ll be prepared if you get targeted.

People are carefully stacking notes of money, a bundle of money or a bill under your car wipers.

When you pull out the bill or money, there is a note on the back that read “haha, you thought this was real, didn’t you?”

This seems like an odd prank but actually something far more sinister.

How the scam works

when some drivers see the cash before they drive away, they hop out of the car with the engine running.

A carjacker parked next to them pops out, jumps in the car, then drives off.

What to do

There are precautions you can take when getting in your car.

Once you’ve turned the engine on, don’t leave the car or pause.

And if you get the feeling that something’s not right, then ask a store employee to walk you out.

But most importantly — pay attention to what’s going on around you.

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