Girl , 16 years old dies after tryst, kidnap in Vihiga

A 16-year-old schoolgirl who went missing for 48 days has died after a convoluted tale of a love tryst with a teacher followed by an abduction by strangers.

Lilian Aliviza from Vuyiya, Vihiga county, died in Mungoma Hospital on November 6. She fell into a coma and succumbed to pneumonia and malaria. She was found sick on October 31 near the Ukwala Supermarket in Kisumu. She had disappeared on September 13.

Her mother, Linet Keseri of Nairobi, narrates:

On September 9 Lilian had been sent home for Sh1,000 fees. On September 13, she received the money from her uncle in Vihiga and meet her teacher boyfriend whom she had met on Facebook. They went to a lodging.

He teaches at Kegoye Secondary School. Lilian studied at St Clares Maragoli Girls.

When she was absent, the school called Keseri who reported her missing on September 30 at Mbale police station. Police traced the boda boda rider who took her to her boyfriend. He led police to the teacher. The tutor said he left the girl in the lodging but she was gone when he got back.

Keseri said her daughter left the lodging at 9pm and walked toward Kisumu. “After 30 minutes, a car stopped, three people grabbed my daughter, tied her up and sped off,” she said.

Keseri said her daughter was drugged. She woke up on September 14 in Nyamasaria, Kisumu.

She said her daughter was abandoned by the road, where a Good Samaritan found her and hosted her for 15 days. She and her mother reunited.