Government host health summit

The Government of Kenya today, Tuesday 13, will be holding a health summit, an event dubbed State House Health Summit.

According to the government website, the event aims to create a platform through which stakeholders engage on issues of interest, who will include participants from government, the private sector, the media and the consumers.

State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said on Sunday that fact checking is the surest way to ensure citizens are equipped with accurate information to enable them to decide on the destiny of Kenya. “Without this information, it is left to charlatans and merchants of untruths to lead the narrative on development,” he said.

Among the issues to be discussed on Tuesday will be the success of the managed equipment services, which has drastically improved healthcare management in Kenya.

The half a day summit will discuss the state of the ambitious Sh38 billion managed equipment services programme, which was meant to improve health care management in 98 hospitals countrywide.
According to the Ministry of Health, several hospitals have been equipped with some of diagnostic equipment such as CT Scans and X-ray machines.
The growing cancer burden, malaria, HIV, maternal and child health, as well as the rise in non-communicable diseases will also be discussed at the event.
The summit will bring together representatives from the Health Ministry, medical doctors, media, private sector among others.