Government urged to consider waiving all taxes on Cancer medicines

The government has been urged to consider waiving all taxes on Cancer medicines to make treatment and care easier for ailing patients.

Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru said that before her sponsored bill gets to parliament for committal to the relevant committees, there is need to consider the plight of cancer patients earlier enough.

Waruguru called on the president and his cabinet to look into the matter seriously judging from the suffering Kenyans are undergoing under the disease.

Addressing the Media in Nanyuki the MP noted that almost every family has come face to face with this disease that is leaving them poor due to the high cost of treatment.

She said that the cancer bill will have money implication since it aims at declaring the disease a national disaster hence prompting the government to construct hospitals at county levels capable of treating and taking the needed care for cancer patients.

The hospitals will be giving free medical support to the patients if the bill passes and would be a reprieve to patients and their families.

Waruguru further called on Kenyans to enroll in large number in the universal health care program as it is a reprieve to many when it comes to family health.

She however called on review of the number of times the NHIF card can cater for a cancer patient noting that after the sixth attendance most patients are turned away and are forced to dig from their pockets for further treatment.

The bill she noted will be tabled once the parliament resumes after it was through from the government printers.