Govt Security Team Reclaims House Grabbed By Private Developer

A security team in Narok Central Sub County have reclaimed back a government house that had been grabbed by a private developer at the Narok town public servants’ residential houses quarters.

Narok Central Assistant County Commissioner AbdiShakur Ali, who led the process said his office had given ten days’ notice to all private developers living and renting out government houses to vacate the premises or risk being forcefully removed.

Ali said despite having given notice to the private developer, Hellen Ngare, to vacate the premises, she ignored and continued living on the government land, that she was letting out to the members of the public.

 The house is located next to Kenya Forest Service offices which Ms Ngare had fenced with iron sheets to bar any person from accessing the compound.

Police officers however removed the illegal semi-permanent fence and restored the house to its former state.

Ali said the house is among several other government houses and land illegally acquired by private individuals in the town.

Among other land that is alleged to have been occupied by private developers is the Administration Police residential area and Narok GK prisons land.

“It is important that concerned departments, especially the state department for housing, prioritise titling of their assets to avert more grabbing and reclaim back what is already claimed by private individuals,” he said.

Ali revealed that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is investigating several government land parcels that are allegedly owned by private individuals.

“We as the government will use any legal means to reclaim the land occupied by private developers. I advise any person living illegally in government land to quit before they are forcefully removed,” he said.

He said many people have moved to court to bar the government from reclaiming their land, hence calling on the judiciary to speed up the cases so that justice can prevail.

On her part, Ms Ngare said she acquired the land in 1996 when it was allocated by the defunct county council.