How To Enroll For ‘Finya Computer Itoe Dollar’ Program

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection launched a digital training programme for youth dubbed “Finya Computer Upate Dollar” yesterday.

The program aims to equip young Kenyans with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to tap into the digital economy.  This way, according to a poster seen by KUTV, young Kenyans will have access to the gig and freelance ecosystem and from it earn a decent living.

The Ministry has welcomed Kenyans aged 18-35 to enrol for a free training programme

The programme will teach free courses covering data entry, digital marketing, virtual assistance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for graphic design.

The 4-day training is set to start on March 4 to March 8, 202,4 and will run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

This lies on the backdrop of remarks made by President William Ruto on enhancing digital jobs in Kenya.

“Huyu akijenga hio ICT hub, mimi nitahakikisha iko computer. Na nitahakikisha iko Internet. Na nimepanga ajira ya hawa vijana kufanya iyo kazi. Nyinyi vijana wa hapa kazi yenyu ni mbili… Ku appear huko kufundishwa, na kufinya computer uweke dollar mfukoni,” he said in Bungoma County on February 2.

“Wewe utashindwa kufinya computer ndio upate pesa? Na wewe sasa ukishindwa kufinya computer nitakusaidia namna gani?” he asked.

This is the link to apply: