INSIDE H_art The Band new music album ‘Simple Man ‘Soundtracks of our lives’

In early 2014, H_art the band stepped in studio for the first time in their lives and recorded their first hit single ‘ULIZA KIATU’ Swahili for ‘ASK MY SHOE’. Upon Release in 2014, the song went on to become one of the biggest hits in Kenyan music history: a satirical song infused with spoken word and poetry.Over time, their music has evolved into anthems that evoke nostalgia, hope and foster a culture of love. H_art has grown in boldness in addressing societal issues & breaking down relatable experiences, something their audience always falls in love with. The first half of the year has seen the band win the YouTube Creator Award. H_art was also earlier on listed in the inaugural 2021 Top 100 African Musicians Ranking.
Launching their 3rd studio album, SIMPLE MAN ‘SOUNDTRACKS OF OUR LIVES’ exclusively on their website is one of the few times artists have chosen to release music on their own branded site prior to other international streaming and distribution platforms.
“We are individually so proud of this album and so excited for the opportunity to sell directly to our fans from our own site.” said Mordecai, the band’s lead vocalist & C.F.O.
Created in partnership with Hustle Sasa, Mordecai further added that, “it’s more important now than ever for artists to build independent channels to connect with their fans digitally & directly.”
“We want to find out who our true fans are and show them our love and appreciation for their support over the years. This means the world to us and we made this album for us as much as it is for you. We all need music that speaks to us & for us.” concluded Kenchez, the band vocalist/ guitarist & C.O.O “You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone…”

Going through life from humble beginnings, hope is what helped H_art the Band up the ladder when they had nothing else to hold on to. The hope that everything happens for a reason and at its own time; And with hope comes the hardest part; the patience to hold on. SIMPLE MAN ALBUM was meticulously curated for just that: To be your everyday soundtrack as you patiently wait in hope to reap what you sow.
SIMPLE MAN ALBUM themed ‘SOUNDTRACKS OF OUR LIVES’ is a story about love, resilience, following your dreams and life – the never-ending journey. Six Tracks each specifically produced to carry you through each day of the week.
After Months of prior planning & intensive writing, H_art the Band hit up Cedo and together with their respective teams went on a 5-hour road trip west to the shores of Lake Victoria, for a two-week Album Songwriting /Production Camp in Kisumu City. Here, the band got a chance to 2 tour the lakeside and, collaborate with Kisumu based local superstars such as BRIZY ANNECHILD on Afro-benga track, MY JABÈR; the smooth-spoken vocalist behind Tiktok hit ‘hera Nyalo Sandi’ & TRUMPET CHORALÈ SDA CHOIR on track no.6 ‘MILELE’. MTV EMA BEST AFRICAN ACT OF THE YEAR 2017 nominee, NYASHINSKI does a special appearance in track no.4 ‘NA BADO’ dedicated to our Mother’s and everyone waking up every single day to follow their dream no matter the circumstances.
Track No. 2 – ‘WAIT FOR YOU/ WHISTLE SONG’ ft. MATT OWEGI was produced by award winning producer & hip-hop head MARTIN GWANDHO popular known as MG; The genius producer behind hits such as ULIZA KIATU, NIKIKUTAZAMA, ROSELLA & NAKUAHIDI by GILAD among others. All other tracks were produced by AFRIMA AWARDS 2015 PRODUCER OF THE YEAR & CEO CEDRIC KADENYI LIMITED/CKL, MR. CEDRIC ‘CEDO’ KADENYI himself.
“COVID-19 took a toll on everyone differently, consciously or subconsciously. Some of us have the strength to get through by themselves while others need all the help they can get. We hope this album does just that -,” said Skoko, the Band’s Poet & CEO. Big Thanks & Shoekran Sana to all who made this possible. We Hope this album allows you to Live, Love & Dream. Simple Man is now available on H_art The Band website-

Labaan Shabaan

Labaan Shabaan is a journalist with special interest in social issues, education and lifestyle at Kenyatta University Television and Radio Services.