Kalonzo begs Raila to leave Taita Taveta top job for Wiper

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has told NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga to sacrifice the Taita Taveta gubernatorial post to Wiper candidate Granton Samboja. Kalonzo said that he had sacrificed his presidential bid to Raila Odinga and therefore it is time for ODM to let Wiper take the governor position.

“I left my presidential bid to Raila and I kindly ask him to leave the Taita Taveta governor post to Wiper candidate Granton Samboja. ODM candidate Thomas Mwadeghu is our friend. We are building and supporting each other,” the wiper party leader said at Kamtonga, Mwatate constituency on Monday evening.

During the rallies, Kalonzo also met with Akamba community members at Njukini in Taveta and Kisimenyi in Voi where he urged them to vote for wiper aspirants. With one week to the elections, Kalonzo’s endorsement during rallies at Taveta, Mwatate and Voi has boosted Samboja’s chances of winning the governorship seat.

“I want you to support Priscilla Mwangeka for woman representative position, Engineer Elijah Mwandoe for senator and Granton Samboja for governor. I am optimistic that this time round, Wiper party will win more than ten MCA slots in Taita Taveta,” he said.

Kalonzo said that Senator Dan Mwazo had miscalculated by decamping to Jubilee party.

“My brother Dan Mwazo miscalculated by joining Jubilee.Don’t vote for him. He ran to Jubilee where everyone is running away from,” said Kalonzo amid cheers from the crowd who termed Mwazo as a traitor.

He said that the NASA government will ensure the cost of living reduces within the first 100 days in power.

“Within the first 100 days you will see the cost of living going down. Kenyans are living like they are in jail. More than 12 million youth are jobless. Nasa will pay 3500 to the elderly people. We shall eradicate extreme poverty that is currently affecting our country,” he said.

Kalonzo blamed the Jubilee government for issuing last minute title deeds to Taita Taveta residents. Last week President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy issued title deeds in Taita Taveta during political rallies.

“The title deeds they are giving you during the last minute are meant to confuse you so that you vote for them and then they will abandon you immediately they get to power. Vote for Nasa because it will bring change in this country,” he said.

Kalonzo was accompanied by Makueni governor Kivudha Kibwana during his rallies in Taita Taveta .Kibwana and Samboja said that they will collaborate to end the boundary dispute that has surrounded the two counties for many years.

“When you elect me governor, I will work closely with my brother Kibwana and ensure that the boundary stalemate is solved. All the evidence is documented and therefore the issue will be solved amicably,” said Samboja.

Samboja was accompanied by his running mate Majala Mlaghu among other Wiper candidates.

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