Kenya, Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborative Efforts To Enhance Healthcare Delivery

By Marline Atieno

In an effort to boost healthcare delivery and improve medical services in Kenya, the country’s Principal Secretary for the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, Mary Muthoni, held a significant meeting with representatives from Thermo Fisher Scientific on June 3.

The discussions revolved around potential collaborations aimed at enhancing healthcare delivery in the country.

The talks specifically concentrated on strategies to enhance disease surveillance and diagnostics, support large-scale cancer screening and vaccination programs, promote innovation in medical research and upgrade laboratory infrastructure in Kenya.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading global biotechnology company that provides a wide range of products and services in the fields of healthcare, science and research.

In Kenya, the company has been actively involved in collaborating with various stakeholders to enhance healthcare delivery and support medical research initiatives.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions including diagnostic equipment, laboratory technologies and clinical research expertise.

The company’s contributions extend to improving disease surveillance and diagnostics, supporting large-scale cancer screening and vaccination programs, fostering innovation in medical research and upgrading laboratory infrastructure in the country.

The collaboration between Kenya and Thermo Fisher Scientific is expected to yield significant advancements in the country’s healthcare sector.

This paves the way for improved healthcare services, enhanced medical research capabilities and upgraded medical infrastructure.

The partnership signifies a significant step towards strengthening the healthcare system in Kenya and underscores the commitment to leveraging technological advancements and expertise from the private sector to enhance public health initiatives.

This collaborative effort is assured to have a positive impact on healthcare delivery and medical services, ultimately benefiting the people of Kenya.