Kenyatta National Hospital workers boycott work citing salary increment delays

By Lydiah Okeyo 

The Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Hospital Workers (KUDHEIHA), have today started their strike citing delayed improved salaries and allowances. They had announced the elapse of a 14-day notice on Sunday night. This notwithstanding, the acting CEO Kenyatta National Hospital, Evanson Kamuri had said through a memo that the hospital would accrue the said benefits in the September salaries. The union said despite issuing the strike notice, neither the hospital nor officials from the ministries of Labor and Health had engaged them over this matter.

The workers, through KUDHEIHA Secretary General, Albert Njeru, have said that they would cease to offer services until the implementation of the resolutions from the State Corporation Advisory Committee that were passed in 2012, which upgrades their status, is actualized.