KNH workers, activists standoff

By Kelvin Ogome

Service delivery at Kenyatta national hospital-KNH, east Africa’s largest referral hospital has been paralyzed following an impasse between hospital staff and irate citizens. The citizens who were demanding for thorough investigation and prosecution of perpetrators behind the rape cases that have been reported in the facility where members of staff at the hospital have been alleged to be sexually assaulting women who go to the nursery to breastfeed their children.

In a report released by the director of criminal investigation over the rape allegations at KNH, no evidence has been gathered since no assaulted woman came forth to justify that indeed she was assault, a report the citizens and civil societies have brushed off and called for serious forensic investigations to be conducted.

The morgue attendants who were the accused parties in the report downed their tools to protest over the soiling of their name with ‘’mumelipwa”(you have been paid to soil our name) chants which characterized the day at the hospital which serves more than five thousand people per day.

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