KQ shelves JKIA takeover bid

By Mercy Imali

Kenya Airways has shelved the idea of managing Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), over political interference.

While speaking during the airline’s Annual General Meeting, KQ chairman Michael Joseph stated that although the management strategy presented to the Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) was feasible, it was politicized.

”We gave up on the plans to manage JKIA after the whole issue was politicized,” Joseph said. He added that there are other revenue growing proposals to be presented soon.

He hinted that nationalization of the airline could be one of the plans but declined to comment further, saying parliament will give more details.

Shareholders are against the proposal and want KQ to remain private.

The chairman assured shareholders that their interests will be protected in the event nationalization happens.

Shareholders re-elected Joseph as chairman for the next three years together with director, Treasury PS Kamau Thugge.

Shareholders unanimously elected John Ngumi to the board to serve for three years.