“Lower the price of subsidized fertilizer.”- Sifuna To government

By Debra Rono

ODM party now wants the government to reduce the cost of fertilizer from KS. 2500 to KS.1500 as a way of showing remorse to farmers who have been affected by the fake fertilizer scandal.

While addressing the media, ODM through their Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna called out the government for allowing Kenyan farmers to be duped into purchasing fake fertilizer, terming it as            “economic sabotage”

“It is a scam that goes to the heart of our very survival as a nation coming in the middle of a planting season, the scandal is nothing short of an economic sabotage,” Sifuna said.

Sifuna went ahead to recommend the resignation of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) as well as those from the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) from their positions to pave the way for investigations and prosecution of those found guilty.

“Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, those from Kenya Bureau of Standards and National Cereals and Produce Boards, and those who have direct responsibility for fertilizer seeds and certification must immediately quit their positions and pave the way for proper and professional investigations,” said Sifuna.

“Those found to be responsible for this criminal activity of supplying fake seeds and fertilizer must be charged for sabotage and engagement in organized criminal activities” Sifuna added.

The Senate’s deputy minority whip further emphasized the need for the government to explore alternative methods of acquiring and disseminating fertilizer to farmers to eradicate the circulation of substandard fertilizers among Kenyan farmers.

“The government must immediately devise ways to procure, secure, and distribute quality fertilizer and seeds to the farmers who are running out of time.” Said Sifuna.

In recent weeks, the fake fertilizer scandal has rocked the country. The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries has since commenced an investigation into the Provision and distribution of counterfeit fertilizer to farmers nationwide. The committee called upon Africa Uncensored to testify regarding their exposé on this matter.