Magistrate and four linked to lawyer Chesang’s murder take plea in Mackakos Court

The magistrate and three men linked to the murder of lawyer Robert Chesang have today taken plea before a Machakos High Court.

The four, magistrate Pauline Maisy Omungaka Chesang, Richard Lorunyei Moru, Lawrence Metayo Lempesi and Peter Maundu Mbithi on the 17th February 2019 at Moke Gardens in Lukenya,  Athiriver jointly were accused of murdering Robert Chesang.

Appearing before Justice David Kemei the four denied  charges and detained further till 9th May this year as their counsels file applications for bond in 7 days.

To her defense, Madam Chesang said that she did not have her confidence with the court since the judge happens to come from the same tribe the slain lawyer happens to come from and thus justice could be deterred. An application that the prosecution asked her counsel to do it in writing for proper documentation.

Pleading for Paulines bond the representing lawyer said that it a risk to place her in Machakos GK prisons since she could have sent several convicts to same prisons and that is serious threat to her life.

The three were remanded at Machakos GK prison and the first accused Pauline back at athiriver police station.