A Man Installs A Camera In A Toilet, Police Launch A Hunt For The Man

Detectives are searching for a man who appears to have filmed himself installing a covert camera in a toilet of a London coffee shop.

The small device was found in the ceiling grate of the only customer toilet in the Vauxhall branch of Starbucks last year.

 Police believe the camera was in place for about three to four weeks, and was spotted by a member of the public on 22 November 2016.

They have said it filmed several people using the toilet, but they do not believe anyone except officers has seen the footage.

Downloading the material also uncovered a man’s face, and detectives want to question him about the device.

Explaining why an appeal is taking place so long after the device was found, a Met Police spokesman said: “The investigation involved time-consuming submissions of the device to the lab, for forensics and then for a full download of the device.

“The investigation also involved other inquiries into who the suspect might be, which were carried out before an appeal to the public was considered.”

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