Members of the County Assembly to assume office after Kang’ata’s swearing in

The newly elected members of the Murang’a County Assembly are expected to take the oath of office 14 days after the governor elect is sworn in as the new County Administrator.

The speaker of the County Assembly Nduati Kariuki noted that it will be all systems go for the house after the governor elect, Irungu Kang’ata gets sworn in on August 25 at Ihura stadium

Thereafter, noted the speaker, the governor will convene a sitting in the Assembly within 14 days during which the newly elected members of the County Assembly will be sworn in.

“The newly elected members and the re -elected ones will take oath of office including an oath to protect the constitution and declare a zeal to serve the electorate,” added Kariuki

The newly elected members will present their certificates to the clerk of the County Assembly to show that they are the ones who were duly elected and presented with certificates by the IEBC after the August 9 elections.

The house will then embark on a mission of electing a speaker who will be sworn-in, marking a transition from the previous house.

The nominated members of the County Assembly will also be sworn-in, in a separate sitting once the IEBC clears and forwards their names to the Assembly.

Meanwhile, the speaker urged the newly elected member of the County Assembly to keep the house busy by presenting and passing motions that will benefit the people who elected them

“Most of the newly elected are young and vibrant and I’m sure they have an ideology of why they wanted to be elected,” he observed

“When you go to the Assembly, ask yourself, what can I table on the floor of the house to benefit the people who elected me?” posed Kariuki

Nduati Kariuki’s ten years’ tenure at the County Assembly of Murang’a will expire once the Assembly gets a new speaker.