Men!!Beware of this terrible signs of your wives

So many men have wives that make them dread coming home after work; they would rather work overtime, visit a friend or chill at a bar before coming home. To these men, their home is an unhappy place that would only make them feel worse.

But what is the reason behind this? Why would a man see a woman, they fall in love with each other, but when they get married it’s a different ball game?

The major reason why a man would marry a wife that would make for a terrible wife is because he wasn’t aware of the signs before going into the marriage. No man would clearly walk into a marriage with a woman who would cause him misery.

Almost every woman gives out signs of how she’d be when they are dating, it only depends if the man would see those signs.

These six signs are signs she would be a terrible wife and you shouldn’t ignore them.

She complains about everything

This is a trait of a woman who can drive her man from the home to a bar. A woman who complains about everything would always be disgruntled no matter what is done to please her. Such a woman would want the most from her man while giving so little. No matter how good a woman could be, if she’s the type that complains about everything then marriage to her would be difficult.

She’s controlling

A woman who wants to control everything would make for a terrible partner; her acts would consistently lead to clash of egos and this wouldn’t be healthy for the marriage. A marriage to such a woman would lead to consistent frictions and tensions.

She never admits she’s wrong

A woman who can’t admit when she’s wrong is one that would never make a good wife. Every decent relationship partner should be able to apologise to his or her partner when he or she is wrong. A woman who doesn’t do this would probably create an unhappy home — and who wants an unhappy home?

She’s rude and disrespectful

Respect is a trait that everyone should have and anyone without this trait would never be a good partner. It doesn’t end at being respectful to the husband; a woman who’s disrespectful to her husband’s friends and family, neighbours and everyone she comes across would never make your home happy.

She has unnecessary mood swings

Women with unnecessary mood swings can also be hard to live with. Such a woman is difficult to please; she could be happy this minute and be sore the next minute. With such a partner, you could do everything right and still make her unhappy.

She’s a terrible manager

Every man loves a woman who can efficiently manage the home. A woman that wastes resources even when it’s scarce and places priority on unimportant things would definitely be a bad wife to her man.

She’s hardly supportive

This is one thing that separates the good wife from the bad wife. The good wife supports her man through thick and thin but a terrible wife would hardly ever be supportive and marriage to such a woman would be disastrous.

These seven traits in women can make them be terrible wives even if they might be decent individuals. Men should be wary of certain signs like these ones before marriage. These traits aren’t really easy to live with.


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