Kizza Besigye swore himself as the elected president of Uganda

Just few hours ahead of President Museveni’s inauguration in Uganda, the strong competitor and opposition party leader Kizza Besigye yesterday swore himself in as the “elected president of Uganda”

“I Kizza Besigye swear in the name of God…..” he started, declaring himself as People’s President and a rightful leader.

This raised tension in the city of Kampala in Uganda and after a short while, Besigye was arrested after the “swearing in ceremony” and he is still being held by police.

Besigye has been arrested severally during and even after the elections which he lost to Museveni. He has also been under house arrest since February this year and he had to avoid road blocks to attend the event.

Besigye has been opposing the outcome of Uganda February elections claiming that the process was compromised and was not fair.

Kaguta Yoweri Museveni, is expected to be sworn in today for his fifth term as the country’s President. The swearing in function will be held at the Kololo grounds where fifty heads of states have been invited.

Uganda media report that social media platforms in the country have been blocked ahead of the ceremony.



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