Nairobi-Garissa (A3) Road Closed Amidst Severe Flooding, KeNHA Announces

By Lauryne Akoth

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) has announced the closure of the Nairobi- Garissa Road (A3) at Mororo area between Madogo and Tana River Bridge.

According to KeNHA, there was massive flooding in Arer area between Bangaley and Madogo due to heavy rains that occurred last night, leading to a rise in water levels in the entire stretch.

“The flooding at Arer has compromised the road and diversion that was previously in use. This poses a high safety risk to the road users. This road, therefore, shall remain closed until the flood waters subside and the damaged section is reinstated.” Stated KeNHA.

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The authority assured that their personnel are present at the site, prepared to address the washout as soon as the water recedes. Motorists were advised to exercise caution and refrain from driving through flooded areas for their safety.

Additionally,  the authority issued an advisory indicating the rise of water in the Seven Forks Dam, posing a risk to residents within the area.

“The increased water has prompted an advisory that the Seven Folks Dams are rapidly filling to near full capacity. The flooding at Mororo has compromised one lane of the road. This poses a high safety risk to the road users,” advised KeNHA.

Many regions across the country are currently facing increased rainfall, posing a significant risk of flash floods.

Organizations such as the Red Cross and the Meteorological Department have issued advisories urging residents in flood-prone areas to relocate to higher, safer ground as a preventive measure against potential tragedies and loss of life.

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