Nairobi residents to trek again

Governor Mike Sonko has vowed to reintroduce the ban on matatus from the central business district. The ban was lifted on tuesday after a day of transport crisis. Sonko said he was willing to become “unpopular” in order to make the right decision and decongest the city. On Tuesday, during a Senate hearing, Sonko had said the ban would make kenyans “physically fit” as they would exercise.

He said Kenya should emulate Rwanda where the government compelled people to exercise by walking to work.

Sonko revealed he would not allow “laziness”, noting bus terminuses in Muthurwa and Railways were just “one kilometre” away from the CBD. Sonko spoke on Thursday during the graduation ceremony of 10,000 youths from KCB foundation’s 2jiajiri programme in Kasarani,Nairobii.
On Monday this week, thousands of Nairobians were forced to walk as the governor made good his decision to order all matatus from the city centre. While the city center remained clear of all matatus, thousands of people walked into town, stranded on how to get to their places of work outside the city centre.



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