Naivasha SGR Imposter Committee defrauding locals disbanded

Leaders in Naivasha have been urged to work together to help realize completion of the construction of the second phase of the Standard Gauge Railway. This comes after committees claiming to represent the interests of communities in the multi-billion project were disbanded. The second phase of the project, which is expected to commence later on this year, will run from Nairobi to Naivasha and Kisumu. This has aroused mixed reactions between leaders and locals within Naivasha.

During an SGR meeting held in Mai Mahiu area of Naivasha, political leaders came together to denounce all committees purporting to represent communities in the mega project and asked that a new committee be put in place.

Naivasha MP, John Kihagi ,said that the meeting was meant to set the record straight on how the locals would benefit from the project.  He said the contractual company was only setting base in readiness for construction later this year.

Stella Ndiwa, the Projects Environment Officer, dispelled rumors that employment of the youths had already began without public announcement.

The second phase of the Mombasa-Kisumu Standard Gauge Railway is expected to start later on this year with official ground breaking set to be in the month of September.

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