Netizens Slam Comedian Mammito Over Skit On Jowie’s Sentence

By Lauryne Akoth

In a joke gone sideways, Kenyans on Twitter were not amused by comedian Mammito Eunice’s skit about Jowie’s sentencing.

In the long-awaited sentencing, Lady Justice Grace Nzioka on 13th March sentenced Joseph Irungu alias Jowie to death. Not long after, mammito made a skit about Jowie’s sentencing in an attempt at humor.

In the song-like skit, the comedian joked about Jowie’s sentence asking him to find solace in the fact that prison could be an opportunity to perform his gospel songs to the inmates. Additionally, she joked about the sentence being Jowie’s opportunity to scam Kenyans.

The comedian was hinting at the widespread scamming tactic employed by inmates at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, where they falsely claim to send money via M-Pesa, only to later demand the funds back or pose as various individuals to swindle Kenyans out of their money.

Her video elicited mixed reactions from the public. While others felt she was being insensitive considering the gravity of the sentence by Lady Justice Nzioka, others felt people were overreacting since Jowie was found guilty of murder, particularly femicide.

one Instagram user stated, “Ya’ll are acting like he didn’t steal an ID tie her up slit her throat go back home burn his clothes and plot a story with Maribe. Save your pity for Monica’s fam” while another stated, “Just the other day women were screaming stop femicide and when it’s time for one to face the consequences of his actions due to the evidence incriminating him they now say he is innocent or he’s carrying some’s cross. Binadamu hutaka nini?”

She was referring to the stop femicide March held on Saturday, 27th January by several women over the ongoing cases of femicide in Kenya.

Kenyans on Twitter were equally not left behind as they criticized Mammito for being insensitive and for ‘the apparent lack of creativity’.

Paul Ouma, an X user stated,” Mammito is busy seeking sympathy and pulling the victim card right now. Didn’t she go through the so-called content before posting it and does she know reading the room is very crucial before posting content? She got what she asked for. If something is insensitive just leave it.”

Several have since come out across social media platforms to express their opinions, not only over Mammito’s skit but also about the verdict delivered by Lady Justice Nzioka yesterday. Former Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi took to his X page to express his stand on the matter.

He said, “Courts should not act in vain. No one has ever been hanged for a capital offense after Captain Hezekiah Ochuka. Just sentence them to 30 years imprisonment. Hardly anyone lives beyond that in jail.”

Lawyer Miguna Miguna also stated,” I don’t like Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie. I believe that he is a cold-blooded murderer; a barbarian who should be severely punished for his crimes. However, I OPPOSE the death penalty. A human being, including a judge, shouldn’t have the power to order the killing of anyone. It also violates the Constitution, which banned the death penalty.”

Mammito has since broken her silence following the backlash. She expressed the backlash gives her hope that Kenyans will one day unite to fight against corruption and other things ailing our country.

“I have witnessed a very rare occurrence something that has not happened since 2002 people from every background uniting together for a reason, to cook me,” she began.

“It gives me hope for the future that one day we shall unite and fight against corruption and other things ailing our country.” The comedian concluded her post with a sarcastic remark,” Am in hot fire now, my soul wipes. I am but a small thin woman with no buttocks and am not as attractive, how dare I joke about a beautiful accused person, but your unity how it fills my soul!”