Not again!Kenyan athlete banned

By Mercy Imali

Marathon runner Felix Kirwa will serve a nine month ban after testing positive for the banned substance strychnine. Kirwa’s sample collected from the 2018 Singapore Marathon tested positive for the banned substance Strychnine.

The 2016 Singapore Marathon winner admitted committing the violation with the Athletics Integrity Unity (AIU), which implements the IAAF’s anti-doping rules, handing him  a reduced suspension.

Kirwa is banned until 14th November 2019. He stated that the herbal medicines he took must have contained the stimulant.

Following consultation with a scientific expert, the AIU was satisfied that the presence of Strychnine in the Sample is consistent with the Athlete’s ingestion of the herbal medicine products ‘Arthritis Care’ and ‘Goodcare Arthplus.

Such a violation would normally attract a two-year suspension but the AIU established the athlete bore ‘No Fault or Negligence’ as to how the substance entered his system.

Kirwa’s results from 9th December 2018 to 14th February 2019 were disqualified with all resulting consequences including the forfeiture of any titles, awards, medals, points and appearance money.