Officer dismissed After Disrespecting Police Bosses

A female police officer was on Monday kicked out of a vetting session by the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) for apparently disrespecting the panel.

During the vetting in Rift Valley, Constable Agnes Chebii walked into the vetting room and greeted the panel,habari zenu, words that were not taken kindly by NPSC chairman Johnstone Kavuludi.

Ms Chebii was immediately sent out of the room by Mr Kavuludi who noted: “You are disrespectful. You must know how to deal with your seniors”.

The officer, who had clearly started off on the wrong foot further annoyed the panelists when she was being questioned as she kept on giving monosyllable answers.

“You are the only officer who has not constructed a full sentence while answering questions. A police officer is a social person and the impression this panel gets is that you are not good enough,” Kavuludi reported.

Chebie, who has served in the traffic department for 6 years, was taken to task to explain how she was able to accumulate Sh59 Million in such a short time in the service.

In her defence, she stated that she was a farmer and also sold second-hand clothes.Last week, Chief Inspector Policarp Ochieng left the panel puzzled when he was asked to produce his bank statements.

Mr Ochieng told the commission that his wife had refused to give it to him. He went further to plead with Commissioner Ronald Musengi to accompany him home so that they could persuade the wife to produce his documents.